Auctioneers’ Stationery

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With over 50 years supplying the Auctioneering service we have an in-depth knowledge and experience to meet all saleroom stationery needs.

Tag Labels – a wide range of Tag Labels either strung, wired or with elastic. Can be overprinted.

Lot Numbers – a wide range of lot numbers from Self Adhesive to paper Cattle and Calf Numbers.

Bidding Cards – Numbered cards can be overprinted with your logo.

Gavels and Anvils – a range of gavels and anvils for auctioneering, ceremonial or presentation.

Bidding Paddle

Bidding Paddles – made from Foamex, rigid plastic, numbered to your requirements. Can be overprinted with your logo.

Auctioneer's Bidding Agreement

Auctioneer’s Bidding Agreements – 1927 Act, personalised with your details. 1969 Act, not personalised